The Dirac Live Bass Control add-on is a sophisticated module based on machine learning for analysis of the behavior of any speaker type used, optimizing the system bass response for all speakers and subwoofers in the room. The advanced algorithm allows for smoother bass reproduction in the crossover area and even flexibility in the subwoofer placement, overcoming constraints in a room that might compromise the bass reproduction. All this is possible for an unlimited number of subwoofers, allowing full control for the best power and impact.

“The calibration and equalization process is a crucial part of the home theater set-up; we are proud to work closely with Dirac to deliver their high-performing new technology for free to our users,” says Olivier Thumerel, CEO of StormAudio. “All our work is developed with the client experience in mind, so we have decided to bear the cost and offer this Dirac License with no additional fee for all our end users so they can enhance their installations, easily, and worry-free.”