Key Features

The new firmware includes Dirac Live Bass Control add-on support and Roon compatibility.

Other key features include a re-designed GUI for StormAudio’s Speaker Configurator. The concept behind the design maintains StormAudio’s user-friendly interface that is intuitive yet flexible and powerful enough for in-depth configuration. The features have been further improved in Firmware 4.0 to allow more detailed and precise definition for each speaker layer. With more sophisticated speaker management capabilities, including multi-way speaker management, up to 4 ways in all layers and per speaker and subwoofer replication management, the Speaker Configurator gives the freedom to make the best possible settings for any theater installation.

Another completely fresh addition to StormAudio’s capabilities is the Roon end-point integration with ISP devices. It makes navigation and listening experience more enhanced and streamlined; all you have to do is select between cinema or Roon playback just by choosing the audio input.