After becoming enamored with the aesthetic of the Tron ride at Disney world that juxtaposes bright highlights against ominous dark landscapes, the homeowners – a long-time lover of high-quality audio and owners of multiple surround sound systems – set a high bar for Videotechnica. Knowing that StormAudio is the leader in high-end sound processing and had begun integrating the powerful Dirac Live software to maximize the sound characteristics of any system in any room, he was eager to hear it for himself. While the carefully designed LED light bars and luxury seating are instrumental to the desired ambiance, once the lights go down the optimized audio takes over as the dominant force in the theater. 

The resulting 7.4.4 Dolby Atmos system presents a listening experience that rivals many commercial theaters with its incredible sound reproduction and ability to maximize any type of content from surround sound film audio to stereo music tracks. Controlled through an easy-to-use smart home solution and mobile app, the theater combines Wisdom surround speakers, Theory subwoofers, and the StormAudio ISP Core 16 to perfectly complement the cinema-grade picture quality provided by a JVC NZ8 4K laser projector and 140-inch Screen Innovations screen surrounded by sleek LED lighting accents.