1. Check resources on our website

First of all, check out our Download, Tutorial and Webinar sections here on the website. You will find manual, explanatory videos and more resources that could help you.

2. Check our Knowledge Center

For more detailed and technical questions, check out our support & Knowledge Center. You will find several sections like the “how-to-guides” or the “FAQ” sections and even be able to search for relevant articles using key words.

3. Ask your reseller

If you require technical support on your StormAudio products, or if you have any product related questions, please first contact your reseller.

4. Open a ticket on our Help Desk

If your reseler cannot solve your challenge, please open a ticket on our Help desk.

Opening hours of our Support Centers

France: 9am to 6pm (Central European Time)
USA: 9am to 6pm (Pacific Standard Time)

Important information:

If needed, StormAudio’s support team can access your unit remotely to perform some diagnosis. Please make sure you have a computer with TeamViewer installed connected to the same network as the troubleshooted unit