It was the exclusive partnership with Dirac Live Active Room Treatment -ART- that first aroused David's curiosity and encouraged him to replace his old processor with a 16-channel ISP MK2 a few months ago. And his feedback is unmistakable: he has gained in terms of immersion in every respect.

During calibration, everything was measured correctly, but Melodia and its customer realized that Dirac Live ART was able to correct certain points in the low frequencies. David now no longer perceives the position of his speakers, and the level of detail has enabled him to fully rediscover the soundtracks of his favorite movies.

David says: "The spatialization effects are really impressive! It greatly enhances immersion, I feel like the speakers are fading away because the sound bubble is really smoother, the sounds wander through the 3D scene more fluidly. I can hear little details I'd never heard before!