A highlight of the Gortenburg Theater is a $680,000, 182-inch Samsung Wall, which replaced a $60,000 Sony 5000 projector. Other products in the upgrade include a Kaleidescape Strato; AudioQuest top-of-the-line power conditioning and interconnects, and video and audio cables; Cinematec seating and acoustics; a StarField Ceiling; and Wisdom Audio speakers.
Wisdom developed a speaker specifically for working with the Samsung Wall. This project features that product—the very first horizontally configured, line source, center-channel speaker. The center channel cannot be brought down to ear level and it’s above the screen. So, Wisdom purpose-built a custom center channel to work in this application.



All of the acoustic setup in the room targets the client’s seating position, which is off center. There were particular challenges to really get everything dialed in. Indeed, he wanted it perfect for a one-person experience. Thus, Echo Systems designed most of the technology to suit his specific needs in a very much focused and out-of-the-ordinary way, so the challenges in this project were many.

The million-dollar Gortenburg Theater is a dream come true and the client’s expectations had been exceeded. He was truly “blown away” and excited about his new theater.