In any home theatre setup, proper calibration is really essential. The Dirac Live calibration together with the StormAudio ISP really works well. The calibration was done together with the Swiss distributor of Ascendo speakers, TecTrade Brun; Since all the Ascendo speakers have their own DSPs, the bass correction and some basic calibration was done first using the Ascendo Software. This minimises some room modes and phase align all bass speakers.

We ran the Dirac calibration as a second step. All speakers are really matched perfectly and the sound transition in any direction is very realistic without any sound gaps. One great feature about the StormAudio ISP is that you can have different presets with different Dirac corrections. Calibrations can be added for theatre mode, as well as some extra ones for listening to music. We also have a preset for music where the back surround channels become fronts and vice versa. This means that we can listen to music properly when sitting at the bar or when the room is used for a party.