With this in mind, we have decided to “free our watts” by opening up how you can use the PA 16 in bridge-tied load mode.

Both PA 8 Ultra and PA 16 share the same circuit topology, with a total of four power supplies. In the case of the PA8 Ultra, each power supply drives two channels, while it drives four channels in the PA 16. While you could create up to 8ch in bridge-tied load mode with a PA 16, we recommend not to do more than 4ch bridged total per unit to avoid meeting the current limitations that can lead to some sound cut.

When bridging channels, you can still use the remaining outputs to drive additional speakers in single-ended mode. Keep in mind that you need to consider balancing the amount of power available per group of 4ch: 1-4, 5-8, 9-12, 13-16 due to our power-supply structure.