In order to attain the necessary dynamics and audio quality, the team looked to Elementi Audio's high-output active speaker system designs, which were created by David Moseley from Wavetrain, who is also the founder of Elementi Audio. A key feature of this cinema is the AOIP, with a single D/A conversion in the wall mounted amplifiers, located close to speakers, ensuring the cleanest possible audio signal. In total, this home cinema boasts almost 15,000 watts of amplifier power. As for the layout, it does not include front wide channels because the broad dispersion of the LCRs (Left, Center, Right speakers) and side surrounds make  front wide channels unnecessary to fill the typical gap, and these channels are often underused in most soundtracks.

“StormAudio with its AoIP, was the perfect match for Elementi Audio and allowed  us to maintain a pure audio signal through to the speaker amplifiers. We have found StormAudio to have the lowest jitter levels in the industry, which in the digital domain translates directly to sound quality.”