The homeowner is not only a major sports fan but he’s also a musician and actually has a practice room in his home for his band. While he watches movies in his theater, his main viewing involves sports and concerts. Besides the large screen, he wanted the whole immersive sound experience. So Bravo AV moved from a traditional surround-sound speaker configuration to an Atmos configuration. Knowing that he was a musician, Bravo AV automatically thought, “better ear.”

The overall goal was for the room to perform at its absolute best. They chose the StormAudio ISP.32 Digital AES MK2 32-channel processor to help achieve that goal. Real immersive sound provides the listener with a life-like, three-dimensional sound experience, creating the sensation of height all around the audience. This is what the homeowner was looking for.

Two or three years ago, Bravo AV was in the market for a new processor company and after talking with several different manufacturers decided on StormAudio. They are very happy with the StormAudio product and with what it allows them to achieve in the field. As they say, “You don’t need a PhD to configure it".