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Multi-Theater Support

The multi-theater feature, that provides either a 16-channel balanced output module consisting of 2x DB25 connectors or a 16-channel unbalanced output module with 16x RCA connectors, allows for a second home cinema room or multiple rooms to be wired and configured individually. Playback in each room is possible, automatically loading the correct assigned audio configuration.

With the ISP 3D.32 ELITE | Reference Edition and its standard multi-theater feature, you will have 48 output channels at your disposal and possibilities are endless. With the 32 channel output on the traditional board of the processor, you will be able to configure an immersive sound set-up in one theater and possibly even multiple smaller stereo or surround set-ups in other rooms in the house. The additional multi-theater 16-channel output board will further expand your possibilities by being able to wire and configure an additional home theater setup, that (with 16 channels at your disposal) will also be capable of running an immersive setup. Playback in either theater is possible, as it automatically loads the correct assigned audio configuration for playback. Set-up your main theater and have a second theater ready for your needs as well. Moreover, you can for instance have different smaller set-ups configured for your bedroom, bathroom, and dressing room as well.
With the ISP 3D.32 ELITE, you can accomplish the same, once the multi-theater module upgrade is installed.

With the ISP 3D.16 ELITE, having one of the dual-theater upgrade modules fitted, you are able to have two immersive sound set-ups in separate rooms as the 16 output channels in the traditional board will allow you to wire and configure a 3D speaker installation in one room whilst having the additional 16 channel output board to do the same for a second room.

The dual-theater feature is a standard feature on the ISP 3D.32 ELITE | Reference Edition and available as an upgrade for all other ISP's.

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