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Immersive Audio Technologies Group Purchases StormAudio / Home Entertainment and Luxury Audio Product Division from Auro Technologies via a Management Buyout Supervised by its Senior VP Yves Trélohan.

Immersive Audio TechnologiesYves Trélohan, Key Managers and Saffelberg Investments have purchased Auro Technologies' Home Entertainment and Luxury Audio Product Division. This encompasses the StormAudio hardware brand, its intellectual properties, infrastructure and inventory, all now hosted in a dedicated new company, Immersive Audio Technologies Group. The move grants StormAudio complete autonomy in all aspects of brand management as it gains momentum in the CEDIA channel worldwide.

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StormAudio represents the ultimate in high-end immersive audio and delivers superior audio electronics that support all existing and future leading sound formats, such as Auro-3D, Dolby Atmos and DTS:X.
StormAudio's has the newest, most innovative line of preamp / amplified processors and multi-channel power amplifiers in the high-end home cinema category today. Designed for the most demanding customers, key attributes include superior sound, system expandability, extreme reliability and remote management

StormAudio's catalog offers 16-, 20- and 32-channel immersive audio preamp processors, available in analog or digital configurations, and customizable by the factory upon initial order to meet customers' specific system requirements. Built on a modular platform, all processors are poised for future channel expansion and feature upgrades.
A 16-channel amplified processor (combination amp/processor) and 8- and 16-channel power amplifiers complement the processor range. These 200-Watts per channel powerhouses are class-D designs, built on commercial chassis and ultilize the highest quality components and materials for the ultimate in sound and reliability. 

Serving the upper end of the custom residential home theater category, the processors all feature built-in compatibility with Auro-3D®, Dolby Atmos® and DTS:X™ and integrate category-leading solutions such as Dirac Live® Room Calibration, native 9.1.6 processing and our StormMonitoring™ remote supervision and diagnostics tool.

StormAudio's mission is to provide premium sound and service for both the dealer and end-user. From feature sets, to fit-and-finish, to performance, the StormAudio range is a new breed of products that is quickly going to set the bench-mark for what the heart of an immersive audio theater system should be.

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Our hardware solutions are designed and manufactured in France, in the heart of the Loire valley, with a meticulous attention for quality and performance, to offer unsurpassed value for money. The manufacturing and assembly is 100% 'Made in France'. A range of home theater components that deliver superb fidelity and incorporate unique advancements to make for easiest-possible integrator setup, expansion and servicing.


The products are worldwide available through dedicated distribution and service centers located in France, North America and Asia, with a focus on customer services and technical support.

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Acclaimed by the media as having the most innovative audio hardware line in the custom residential channel today, StormAudio represents a tremendous value for customers, from cost optimized design to no-holds-barred projects.

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StormAudioStormAudio delivers superior audio electronics that support all existing and future leading sound formats, such as Auro-3D®, Dolby Atmos® and DTS:X™.  Designed for the most demanding customers, the products offer "best-in-class" performance, versatility, extreme reliability and the most advanced market features. The brand's products are available through a specialized distributor network worldwide, with a focus on customer services and technical support. The StormAudio line is designed and manufactured in France, under the leadership of Yves Trélohan, Managing Director, Shareholder and Board Member of parent company Immersive Audio Technologies Group.


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Yves TrélohanYves TRELOHAN is Managing Director and Board Member of StormAudio / Immersive Audio Technologies. He has extensive experience in high-end CEDIA channel AV business as Senior Vice President of StormAudio inside Auro Technologies and as Founder and President of Screen Research - the eminent projection screen manufacturer, as well as Digital Media Solutions Residential. Before that he held Senior VP responsibilities for large EAME Divisions in IT for companies such as Unisys and Hitachi Data Systems. He holds an MBA from the ESSEC business school in France and a degree in Electronic Engineering.



Saffelberg InvestmentsBased in Brussels, Saffelberg Investments is an independent investment company focusing on long term investments. Active across the globe, Saffelberg investments aims to accelerate company growth, create value and provide better return to entrepreneurs, investors and all stakeholders. Saffelberg has invested in 25 portfolio companies, with a combined turnover of 1 billion EUR, employing close to 3.000 staff.