Multi-Channel Power Amplifiers

PA 8 ELITE - front view - 689x352


8 Channel High Power Amplifier

PA 16 ELITE - front view - 689x352


16 Channel High Power Amplifier

PA 8 ULTRA ELITE - front view - 689x352


8 Channel Ultra High Power Amplifier

Power Amplifiers | Custom Install range

The StormAudio power amplifier range provides audiophile grade, high-power amps for home theaters and multi-room applications, with various channel counts. The entire PA product line shares the same proprietary architecture in a compact 3U chassis, with identical control and custom install functionalities.

Extreme power with full protection

To ensure an equal supply of power to all amplifier modules, all our StormAudio amps have a switch mode power supply built in. No compromises have been made when it comes to the size of the power supplies. The ability to deliver continuous, high-peak power without compression will serve as an added value and will provide better results to the overall home theater.
And in order to protect the speakers and amplifier modules against malfunctions and to ensure perfectly safe operations, all the StormAudio amplifiers feature multiple circuits.

Remote Monitoring

When StormAudio Sound Processors are used in the same installation, StormRemote will integrate monitoring of all these units within the same User Interface. With the StormRemote technology embedded, full monitoring of the system, including its power amplifiers is possible through an IP connection and web-based application. StormRemote's very comprehensible User Interface allows remote monitoring and control via IP and Wi-Fi, or iOS and Android enabled devices.

The remote monitoring capabilities feature a transparent up-to-date view on different parameters, enables remote management, and support email notifications on desired thresholds for easy management.

A scalable amplifier range to complement any ISP product

The versatile range of StormAudio power amplifiers with high-profile audio specifications, makes it possible to choose the most suitable configuration for your home theater, whatever speaker setup is chosen. The models offer full flexibility and fulfill the needs of the most complicated installations, from traditional 5.1 or 7.1 setups or multi-channel 3D sound configurations.
The robust design ensures 24/7 functioning, ideal for high-demand installations. The power amps benefit from large power supply capabilities and cooling system, highly efficient high-current amplifier modules, protection against malfunctions and the ability to monitor them remotely. An electronically managed vent system ensures temperature control, which makes it extremely suitable for rack-mounted systems.

The main common features for the PA range are;

  • Class D amplification
  • Network monitoring
  • Analog XLR inputs
  • Trigger in, trigger out