AV Immersive Sound Processors

ISP 3D.16 ELITE - back view HOME_white background - 689*352


16 Channel Analog Output Immersive AV (Preamp) Processor

ISP 3D.20 ELITE - back view HOME_white background - 689*352


20 Channel Analog Output Immersive AV (Preamp) Processor

ISP 3D.32 ELITE | Analog Edition - back view HOME_white background - 689*352

ISP 3D.32 ELITE | Analog Edition

32 Channel Analog Output Immersive AV (Preamp) Processor

ISP 3D.32 ELITE | Digital AES Edition - back view HOME_white background - 689*352

ISP 3D.32 ELITE | Digital AES Edition

32 Channel Digital AES Output Immersive AV (Preamp) Processor

ISP 3D.32 ELITE | Digital AVB Edition - back view HOME_white background - 689*352

ISP 3D.32 ELITE | Digital AVB Edition

32 Channel Digital AVB Output Immersive AV (Preamp) Processor

Immersive Sound AV Processors | Custom Install range

The StormAudio Immersive Sound AV Processors for Custom Install are the ultimate in high-end immersive audio, and the most advanced and most flexible solution available in the market. The ISP ELITE processor range incorporates state-of-the-art technology to deliver the most leading-edge audio-video specifications and performance.
The ISP range of processors is designed for the most demanding environments, where the ISP product would be at the center of a high-profile multi-channel install. The ISP product line provides fully scalable, high-end modular solutions to answer any of the customer's current and future needs.
On-site hardware and software options, which can be installed into the same hardware chassis, are available to customize the ISP product.

CEDIA 2016_Best of Show Award CES Innovation Awards_Honoree ISE Best of Show Award

The ISP 3D.32 ELITE | Reference Edition, part of our ELITE product range, has been honored with a Residential Systems' Best of Show award at CEDIA 2016. These awards honor outstanding products exhibited at the show, evaluated by a panel of anonymous professional integrator and journalist judges.
In addition to that, the ISP 3D.32 ELITE | Reference Edition has also been selected as a CES 2017 Innovation Awards Honoree in the 'Home Audio/Video Components and Accessories' product category. The product scored highly across all judging criteria and it now joins a small percentage of products given this honor.
At ISE 2017, Residential Systems has selected our ISP 3D.32 ELITE | Reference Edition as a Best of Show, out of 1200 exhibiting companies. We are honored to have our product recognised as a great addition to the product lineup of any home technology professional.
The ISP 3D.16 ELITE got raved about in the November 2017 issue of Widescreen Review Magazine, with the reviewer saying that it definitely has the "chops" to match competitors for any evaluation parameter he can think of.

Our ISP 3D.32 ELITE | Reference Edition and ISP 3D.16 ELITE were lauded for their extensive feature list as well as the ease of management and competitive advantages such as the integration of all three immersive audio sound formats, shared and very intuitive user interface, scalable modular platform design and extensive remote-monitoring capabilities. Features that match all our processors in the ISP range. Check out out the feature-packed ISP 3D.32 ELITE | Reference Edition, the ISP 3D.16 ELITE or the reviews we received.

A scalable ISP platform

All processors have been embedded with StormAudio's proprietary high-performance processing and audio/video platform. The 16 to 32 output channel processors all share the same backbone thanks to a single scalable platform, resulting in an efficient, value-adding product range that allows simplified knowledge acquisition and support for system integrators. 
The robust design of the product range, available in both home and rack, presents an ideal solution to high-end installs, required to run 24/7.

Immersive Sound

The ISP range supports from 16 up to 32 high-quality audio channels as well as the leading 3D and HD audio/video formats currently available; Auro-3DDolby Atmos and DTS:X. The SphereAudio binaural Immersive Sound engine for headphones provides further flexibility over your 3D audio playback.

Professional Optimization

Easy to integrate and manage, the processors have fully configurable audio channels and the most advanced features. The StormOptimizer room calibration and correction system, powered by Dirac Live, enables sophisticated analysis of both speakers and the listening room, to optimize the speakers' overall performance and to remove sound coloration.

Remote Control

With its very comprehensible User Interface, the processors can be remotely monitored and controlled via IP and Wi-Fi, or iOS enabled devices, as well as through home automation.

Remote Monitoring

Thanks to StormMonitoring, the remote monitoring capabilities feature an up-to-date view on critical parameters, enables remote management, and support email notifications on desired thresholds for easy management.

When the StormAudio power amps are used in the same install, StormMonitoring will integrate monitoring of all these units within the same User Interface.

A unique, coherent and scalable product range

With the ISP processor range, StormAudio is able to provide fully flexible, high-end modular audio solutions that provide the best options to achieve unprecedented audio quality and full-blown immersive sound experiences to the most demanding customers.

The main common features for the ISP processor range are;

  • All 3D audio formats supported (Auro-3DDolby Atmos and DTS:X)
  • StormOptimizer - room calibration, powered by Dirac Live
  • SphereAudio - binaural immersive sound for headphones
  • StormMonitoring - remote monitoring
  • Microphone Mini-Kit (mic + stand) - for initial room calibration and permanent remote monitoring
  • Fully configurable speaker management
  • Flexible channel mapping and routing
  • Unlimited multi-subwoofer channels
  • Multi-way active and passive speaker management
  • 7 inputs / 2 outputs HDMI sockets with 4K UHD and HDCP2.2 | HDMI2.0 support
  • 16 channels immersive sound decoding and upmixing
  • Up to 32 channels post-processing
  • 6 Digital Inputs
  • High quality analog audio with high-grade ADC/DAC
  • Network and Internet based control (wired network)
  • Optional module slots for future expansion in features
  • Single Home/Rack casing with removable rack mount ears

Depending on the model, the available (field upgradable) optional features are;

  • 16 to 20 Channel XLR upgrade: additional 4-channel XLR output optional board, including post-processing upgrade
  • 32 Channel XLR upgrade: additional 16-channel XLR output optional board, including 32-channel post-processing upgrade
  • Digital AES Input upgrade: 16-channel DCP/DCI feature (2x RJ45 connectors) optional board
  • Digital AES Output upgrade: 32-channel AES output optional board (4x RJ45 connectors), including 32-channel post-processing upgrade
  • 32 Channel Audio over IP upgrade: 32-channel Audio over IP output, based on AVB standard optional board
  • Balanced Dual Theater upgrade: 16-channel balanced outputs optional board (2x DB25 connectors)
  • Unbalanced Output upgrade: 16 RCA unbalanced output optional board, used as standard output or for Dual Theater

The product line provides full scalability on features, which allows upgrading each model at will.


The StormAudio product range has been designed to be fully modular and upgradable depending on current and future needs. With the various upgrade modules available, you have the option to expand your processor the way you see fit, upon your order or retrofitting after purchase.
Versatility is key when it comes to the connectivity options upon your disposal, with possibilities for digital and analog, balanced and unbalanced, main and secondary output choices.
Thanks to the modular nature and the versatile connectivity slots, we can provide extensive compatibility with other brands in the industry.

The ISP Hardware Configurator provides an overview of the various options;

You can also download the full size ISP hardware configurator here.