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2017, Sept - AVS Forum - StormAudio I.ISP 3D.16.12 16-Channel Integrated AV Processor Hands-On

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September 2017 - The first review of our StormAudio I.ISP 3D.16.12 integrated immersive sound processor is in and done by no less than AVS Forum...
Mark Henniger has some more excited plans to test our AVR further, but for now he tested this beast in a 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos configuration.
We invite you the read the full article here; but here are some quotes that we are proud to share;

AVS FORUM - I.ISP 3D.16.12 16-channel Integrated AV Processor - Hands-on:

StormAudio I.ISP 3D.16.12 16-Channel Integrated AV Processor Hands-On


"If someone asked me to describe my dream AVR, the end result would look a lot like the spec sheet of StormAudio's powerhouse AV integrated amp offering, the 16-channel I.ISP 3D.16.12."

"Once I got a peek at the browser-based configuration options, I was sold. And now that I have had a change to configure a theater with it, my expectations have been exceeded!"

"The extra horsepower translates directly into high-impact immersive listening."

"The overall sound achieved by the I.ISP reminded me of sitting in a six-figure system demo room at CEDIA."

"To put it bluntly, it's not simply that you could feel the explosions, any decent sub offer can deliver that experience, it's that the tactile nature of that feeling had a tangible realness to it."

"While assessments like this are always subjective, my impression is the sound quality is the best I have achieved in my theater so far."

"At this point it's worth noting that while the I.ISP contains some very impressive amplification capability, it's the system's flexible architecture that makes it so appealing."


Read the full review here!


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