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AVS Forum -  StormAudio picked as Top Choice 2017

September 8, 2017 - AVS Forum e-awards have arrived and StormAudio has earned another honor by being picked as Top Choice 2017!

AVS Forum Top Choice 2017One of the most important mandates for the AVS Forum editorial team is to evaluate as many audio/video products as they can with direct, hands-on experience. To recognize the best products we find, they have introduced the AVS Forum Review Awards. Read about it here!
Following the hands-on review by Mark Henniger earlier this month, our reviewed I.ISP 3D.16.12 has earned a Top Choice 2017 award!
The Top Choice logo is indicated on the Product Reviews page and on the I.ISP product review page as well!

CEDIA 2017 -  StormAudio strikes another Best of Show award

AVS Forum Best of Show CEDIA


San Diego, CA - September 8, 2017 - AVS Forum has awarded StormAudio with a Best of CEDIA 2017 award for its I.ISP 3D.16.12 Integrated Immersive Sound Processor. 
Read the article announcing all winners here.
Earlier, AVS Forum already posted a raving review on this beast AVR and has now graced the StormAudio I.ISP with an award at CEDIA as well. 

AVS Forum -  StormAudio I.ISP 3D.16.12 16-Channel Integrated AV Processor Hands-On

September 2017 - The first review of our StormAudio I.ISP 3D.16.12 integrated immersive sound processor is in and done by no less than AVS Forum...
Mark Henniger has some more excited plans to test our AVR further, but for now he tested this beast in a 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos configuration.
We invite you the read the full article here; but here are some quotes that we are proud to share;

AVS FORUM - I.ISP 3D.16.12 16-channel Integrated AV Processor - Hands-on:

StormAudio I.ISP 3D.16.12 16-Channel Integrated AV Processor Hands-On

"If someone asked me to describe my dream AVR, the end result would look a lot like the spec sheet of StormAudio's powerhouse AV integrated amp offering, the 16-channel I.ISP 3D.16.12."

"Once I got a peek at the browser-based configuration options, I was sold. And now that I have had a change to configure a theater with it, my expectations have been exceeded!"

"The extra horsepower translates directly into high-impact immersive listening."

"The overall sound achieved by the I.ISP reminded me of sitting in a six-figure system demo room at CEDIA."

"To put it bluntly, it's not simply that you could feel the explosions, any decent sub offer can deliver that experience, it's that the tactile nature of that feeling had a tangible realness to it."

"While assessments like this are always subjective, my impression is the sound quality is the best I have achieved in my theater so far."

"At this point it's worth noting that while the I.ISP contains some very impressive amplification capability, it's the system's flexible architecture that makes it so appealing."

Read the full review here!

AVS Forum -  First impressions of our I.ISP 3D.16.12 Integrated Immersive Sound Processor, ahead of its official review

August 2017 - We have shipped out the first processors to journalists for review, so you can expect some product reviews to appear online soon!
The first-ever impression is sounding really good though and we could not refrain for sharing this with all of you...

AVS FORUM - I.ISP 3D.16.12 Integrated Immersive Sound Processor - First Impressions:

StormAudio I.ISP 3D.16.12 16-Channel Integrated AV Processor Hands-On

Folks, this is one of the most exciting hands-on experiences I've had all year. This is the first StormAudio I.ISP to go out to a reviewer. And just in case you are wondering what that means, here's the scoop. The I.ISP is a $15,900 (MSRP) 16-channel integrated AV processor that features twelve 200-watt amplified channels. Yes, it's a beast.

I first saw the I.ISP at CES 2017 and instantly fell in love with its logical and clear browser-based interface. Most impressively, this processor includes Dirac Live processing for all channels, and is capable of handling a six elevation channels for next-level 3D audio immersion. This integrated AV processor can handle Auro-3D, Dolby Atmos, and DTS:X with ease.

The twelve class-D amps in the chassis are rated to deliver 200 watts per channel with 0.1% THD from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz, all channels driven. That's a ton of power and for space-challenged installations this device can replace a whole rack of amps. For this reason, the I.ISP is not equipped with preamp outputs for the twelve amplified channels. The remaining four channels do feature balanced XLR outputs.

Soon, I will show you how easy it is to create highly customized and optimized system setups with StormAudio's system. It's super slick and I can say that my first exposure to its capabilities has spoiled me. Stay tuned for more, it's already up and running in a 7.1.4 configuration, which is soon to become a 7.2.6 system (with five physical subs). This is serious business!

Also, for this unit, I promise to write a formal review when I'm done with the hands-on. I've got the I.ISP for one month, and CEDIA is just weeks away, so you can expect to see an update here really soon. This is, bar none, the most awesome AVR I've ever seen.

Don't believe it... Read it here!

ISE 2017 -  2 StormAudio models recognized with Best of Show award by Residential Systems

ISE Best of Show AwardAmsterdam, The Netherlands - February 16, 2017 - Residential Systems has named the recipients of its "Best of Show" awards for the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2017 conference and trade show at the RAI Amsterdam.
StormAudio has been rewarded with 2 Best of Shows, for the ISP 3D.32 ELITE | Reference Edition as well as for the newly launched I.ISP 3D.16.12 AVR.

Read the article.

CES 2017 -  I.ISP 3D.16.12 Integrated Preamp Processor named Best of Show by AVSForum

January 12, 2017 - AVSForum's Mark Henniger visited the StormAudio Exhibit Suite during CES 2017 and was impressed to see this mighty AVR in detail.
It was not until Mark had a sit-down session with StormAudio's Senior Vice President Yves Trélohan, that he fully understood how capable StormAudio's gear really is.

AVSForum logo

Based on what he saw and heard, the I.ISP 3D.16.12 sits above the flagships of the major AVR makers in terms of specs, capability and flexibility. With 16 channels - of which 12 are amplified - the I.ISP 3D.16.12 is StormAudio's latest product and builds on the AV processors it launched at CEDIA. Its twelve class-D amplified channels are all spec'd to deliver 200 watts into 8 ohms--that's all channels driven--from 20 Hz to 20 kHz, with 0.1% distortion. That figure doubles to 400 watts per channel going into 4 ohms. There's no mass-market AVR that can claim to pack so much firepower into its chassis. Four balanced outputs can be used with external amps and/or subs to bring the total channel count this unit offers to 16.

Check out this mighty AVR!
Read the full article by AVSForum.

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