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Legal notices

This website is published by Immersive Audio Technologies, a French corporation (FR14835033457), and whose registered office is located at:

15 Rue Olympe de Gouges
44800 Saint Herblain
Telephone number: +33 251 81 96 91

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All information on this website is correct at the time of writing. Product details and specifications are subject to change. Immersive Audio Technologies accepts no liability for any losses incurred, resulting from the use of information on this site.

Privacy Statement

Although the majority of this website is freely accessible, there are certain areas that may require the collection of personal data to grant access to our customers. We will not disclose any personal information you provide to us to any third party organization, unless we need to do so to provide you with the products you selected.

By indicating that you accept Immersive Audio Technologies' "Privacy Statement", you hereby grant your free, unambiguous and informed consent to IAT to collect, save, use and process your personal data in accordance with the conditions set out in this privacy statement. This statement can be changed at all times. Please consult it regularly.

Immersive Audio Technologies is a reputable hardware manufacturing company, exploiting its hardware products and services worldwide and is responsible for processing your personal data. Immersive Audio Technologies stands for Immersive Audio Technologies with registered offices in France (FR14835033457) at 44800 Saint Herblain.

Collecting, saving, using and processing personal data
Immersive Audio Technologies collects, saves, uses and processes your personal data, whether directly with you or from a third party, in order to identify you in a clear manner and:
To compile and use a database of personal data relating to (potential) cooperation partners, (potential) customers' orders and reservations, journalists, media contacts, people interested in audio products and their contacts;
(i) For public relations and direct marketing towards the persons mentioned under (i) e.g. by providing them information about the activities and new (product) developments within Immersive Audio Technologies or its partners or its connected undertakings (a.o. to inform you about services and activities as well); about events or products that may interest them; to send them press material;
(ii) For scientific research in audio sector;
(iii) To provide you, to the extent possible, with a custom made offer for your needs;
(iv) To confirm your registration request or order for a particular service;
(v) To understand your needs and activities and improve Immersive Audio Technologies' offerings;
(vi) To obtain statistics and to ask you questions regarding audio technology and hardware;
(vii) To have your images appear on its website for marketing purposes.

The personal data that Immersive Audio Technologies will collect, save, use and process as indicated above, may concern: your ID data (name, professional address, phone number, email address), profession, function, education, country, interests, images. 
Personal data are only used within the group, and image and sound recordings are displayed on the website after consent of the persons concerned.

The right to oppose, inspect, correct and to be informed
You dispose of a legal right, free of charge, to:
(i) Access your personal data
(ii) Inspect your personal data
(iii) Modify or correct your personal data
(iv) Oppose to the use thereof as mentioned above and to have your personal data deleted. 

You have the right to request a copy of the personal information that we hold about you and have any inaccuracies corrected. Providing proof of identity (copy identity card) you can address such request, or any other question regarding the processing of your personal data, in writing, dated and signed request to Immersive Audio Techologies, 15 Rue Olympe de Gouges, 44800 Saint Herblain, France or via email: info@stormaudio.com

Intellectual Property

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