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Immersive Sound is one of the most significant home cinema developments in years and is seeing massive traction in applications. This plays into the growing trend for environments that engage people in a deep, emotional movie-watching or live music experience.

StormAudio firmly believes in Immersive Sound being an important technology and therefore supports all existing and future leading 3D Sound formats, such as Auro-3D, Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. 
And thanks to a binaural headphone technology for residential applications, StormAudio enables you to experience Immersive Sound via headphones. SphereAudio is an exclusive StormAudio feature that is capable to deliver virtualized immersive 3D sound on any pair of high-quality headphones.
The entire product range incorporates all major immersive sound formats available today and all 3D audio codecs are a standard feature on all StormAudio processors.


What is Immersive Sound

Real immersive sound provides the listener with a natural ("life-like") three-dimensional sound experience unlike anything heard before in traditional 2D surround solutions. Immersive audio creates the sensation of height all around the audience, transporting them into a more thrilling and deeper audio experience.
This revolution in audio technology immerses the listener with sounds in front, above and all around, providing a totally new emotional level of entertainment in listening to music, watching movies or playing games, giving the feeling of actually "being there". Hearing all the details exactly as you would in real life. This new level of entertainment where you are enveloped with lifelike sound is the goal of Immersive Sound.
Combined with stunning visuals, this 3D audio solution delivers the most powerful entertainment offer for home theaters. Adding this level of reality demands for new approaches to traditional surround sound, as immersive formats require adding height and/or top layers of additional speakers. Our pristine range of hardware products can bring this big revolution to the consumer.