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Remote Control

Remote controlling the StormAudio processors could not be any easier with multiple user control applications at your disposal. The processors and receivers have been specifically designed to enable you to control the units in the most convenient way.

In addition to using the front panel display on your processor or using a traditional IR Remote, you can use your iPad or Android devices and remotely control the various settings via the StormRemote control application (available for both iOS and Android).
Download the StormRemote app on the App Store here.

Via a web-based control application, you will also be able to access the StormAudio processor at any time (via a desktop browser) and set it up for playback anyway you would like.

Integration for home automation control systems is also facilitated. All StormAudio processors have integrated modules for the most commonly used control systems, allowing to have the unit controlled by third party applications such as Control4, Crestron, RTI, and AMX.

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The StormRemote application is available for iOS and will be for Android. This allows you to use your iPad and Android devices to remotely control the various settings of your StormAudio processor.

The StormRemote control application is designed to control the StormAudio products in the most convenient way.
This app allows controlling all functions and settings of your StormAudio ISP or I.ISP processor, through an easy-to-use interface. Just swipe to discover more control features!
All Theaters and Audio Zones, that are tailor-set according to your preference, can be individually controlled via the app. 
For the Theater zones, various adjustments can be done; from the choice of Preferred Upmix, to audio settings such as Bass, Treble or Lipsync,... 
Audio Zones that have been configured, will enable Volume, Bass, Treble, Lipsync,... adjustments. 
When Headphones Zones are implemented, the app will provide an additional screen to select and enjoy a 3D sound experience over headphones, via several playback modes.

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Download the StormRemote app on the App Store.