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StormAudio's entire line of preamp / processors, amplifiers and AVR now have a web-based remote monitoring platform built-in. Called StormMonitoring, capabilities include complete up-to-date details and statistics, in addition to views on all parameters of system health -- including critical ones -- with ability to receive email notifications of desired thresholds. When the brand's amps are used in the same install, StormMonitoring will merge all units into one interface, allowing for complete supervision of the complete customer configuration.

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StormMonitoring offers the necessary tools to remotely access and monitor the entire customer configuration, with its StormAudio processor(s) and power amps, or receiver(s). This monitoring tool also includes speaker check with RTA (Real Time Analysis) and on-site USB microphone, for optimum remote monitoring. Accessible 24/7, the web portal will allow full supervision, as well as remote upgrading, all from a distance.
StormMonitoring was designed with the demands of system integrators in mind; as a primary support function, capable to easily access and remotely monitor the install as well as to diagnose and resolve issues, in quick and efficient manner. It also includes automatic email alert in case of malfunction.


All StormAudio products, including the slave power amplifiers from the StormAudio product line, are equipped with the StormMonitoring functionality and will thus have the StormMonitoring web server embedded, which hosts the web application for remote monitoring.
Users will gain access to up-to-date details and statistics by means of a user-friendly web portal, accessible
24/7. An on/off function is provided and a (history) log containing critical operations and malfunctions can
be generated, for your convenience.

The StormMonitoring serves as the primary support function to track and resolve issues, like default temperature, power supply failures, amplifier clipping and module/product defect, in a timely, quick and efficient manner. It is capable of interpreting events and to activate the proper response mechanism, with pre-defined notification rules such as email notification in case of malfunction. 

StormMonitoring is an exclusive technology by StormAudio.

Web application for remote monitoring

The StormMonitoring capabilities are an integral part of the web based product configurator, available on
the entire range of StormAudio processors and receivers. The ISP and I.ISP range integrates a web
server for configuration, accessible from any desktop browser.