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Easy Configuration

StormAudio products have been designed with the integrators in mind, by incorporating unique advancements that make for easiest-possible setup, expansion and servicing.
One of those advancements is the web-based product configuration, which allows for an easy configuration of the entire setup, by means of a clear and straight-forward configuration flow.

Product Configurator screenshot

Product Configurator

The web-based product configurator allows to remotely access StormAudio processors, through a web
server accessible via any standard browser. With different access modes available for the integrator,
expert user or end user access (defined by password and access rights), the product allows access to:

  • System tab: provides an overview of the unit's status with firmware revision, firmware upgrade, log access,...
  • Inputs tab: definition of the unit's inputs like source, type, name, digital/analog mode,...
  • Speakers tab: definition of the speaker configuration according to the room, speaker type, multi-way, replication,...
  • EQ tab: EQ definition per channel with EQ preset creation
  • Presets tab: creation of presets combining speaker configuration, EQ's, triggers and zone selection, which are then accessible via the end user's remote
  • Settings tab: in order to set triggers, display,...
  • Monitoring: remote monitoring of the full system via this tab

Immersive Sound

StormAudio is all about Immersive Sound and our product configurator is set up to ensure the best immersive install possible, in the most user-friendly way possible.
A careful study of all 3 Immersive Sound formats' requirements, have led to pre-defined speaker layout recommendations, to ensure the best playback experience with three available 3D audio formats
available in one single room and install.

Whilst configuring the ISP or I.ISP processor, a vast amount of pre-defined speaker layouts will appear, together with the required number of speakers per configuration as well as an indication whether for which formats the speaker layout would be advised.
When selecting a specific speaker layout, an image illustrating the layout can be requested. Customisation for each layout is made possible, in the most manageable manner.


Product Configurator_Immersive sound speaker layouts