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Dirac Live®

Dirac Live® is a patented room correction technology developed by Dirac Research, the global leader in platform optimized sound enhancement technology. Fundamentally different from room EQ, Dirac Live not only corrects the frequency response, but also the impulse response of the loudspeakers in a room. As the most advanced room correction technology available on the market, Dirac Live is unique in that it provides true impulse response correction over a large listening area, improving the depth, the positioning and distinction of individual voices and instruments. Using multiple measurement and mixed phase correction, Dirac Live helps audio systems to create a natural, realistic and transparent sound with tighter bass, less early reflections, as well as reduced resonances and room modes, in a way previously not possible.

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Dirac Live does two things:
It optimizes the frequency response of the loudspeaker/room combination, whilst also improving its impulse response. By strongly reducing the coloration that the listening room and speakers themselves impart on the sound, Dirac Live brings about a truer to-the-source sound reproduction.

Dirac Live® will allow for:

  • Straightforward calibration process
  • Room correction of up to 32-channel theaters with high-resolution FIR filters
  • Management of all theaters and audio zones defined in the StormAudio processor
  • Creation of multiple Dirac EQ correction presets per theater and per audio zone defined

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Dirac Live homepage picture 270*179Dirac Live® is a standard feature on all StormAudio processors and the integration comes as a DSP Runtime firmware to the product. The Dirac Live license for StormAudio processors as well as the Dirac Live Room Calibration software tool are also available via StormAudio.
The Mini-Microphone kit included with each processor can be used for the room calibration. StormAudio also offers a permanent calibration kit for integrators. 


Key Features:

Impulse response correction

A loudspeaker's impulse response affects clarity, detail and all spatial aspects of the sound. Dirac Live is unique in that it actually corrects the impulse response throughout the listening area, not just at a single point. By focusing on consistent problems across the measurement positions and correcting only these anomalies, Dirac Live can achieve a faster decay time. Dirac's impulse response correction improves the depth, the positioning and distinction of individual voices and instruments.

Mixed-phase correction

Different speakers have different phases, however, many room correction solutions can only deliver minimum-phase and linear-phase room correction filters, which can't physically optimize the acoustic impulse response in a room. At best, they can minimize problems caused by the application of a filter. Room-acoustic responses are non-minimum-phase, which is why Dirac Live uses mixed-phase correction.

Multiple measurements

Dirac Live uses several measurement positions (typically 9) in the listening room, making it possible to accurately locate and correct acoustic problems. This measurement data is then used to optimize the direct wave and early reflections in the time domain. The multiple measurements ensures that the sound quality in a large listening are is improved, not just in a particular zone.

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