The entire theater took over 2 years to complete and cost over one million dollars; after the installation of the room, testing and measurements show that the room surpassed all design specifications. At 110 dB full bandwidth pink noise, there was an almost 80dB drop at all frequencies outside the room. Together with an A/C system designed to be totally silent, any content can be enjoyed fully with no unwanted noise disruptions.

Since the completion of this home theater, an upgrade for the StormAudio has been released, an MK1.5 hardware module that can add many of the latest MK2 features to all existing MK1 devices. Once this has been installed in this state-of-the-art room, allowing this cinema to have increased decoding options, including DTS:X Pro. Also updated is the new eARC HDMI card developed exclusively by StormAudio & Cypress Technology, making the entire experience for this cinema even more seamless and powerful.

With a combination of top professional acoustic design and high caliber equipment, this home theater delivers the pure audio and visual impact of movies and music in an environment that allows an audience to experience the content as close as possible to its original moment of creation.