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Digital Connectivity

Digital Input

The Digital Cinema Initiatives (LLC) created the Digital Cinema Package to allow for transfer of movie content, made of multiple audio and video files, in a secure way using encryption keys. This package is the delivered on a Hard Drive Disc, each having its dedicated key required to unlock the drive playback.
A DCP capable server and player will then decode the package after key description, providing video to the projector and up to 16 channels of audio to the post processor (ISP).
The Digital Audio format between the server and the ISP is AES/EBU and compatible with ISP Digital Input format made of 2x RJ45 connectors.
The Digital Input Connectivity feature of StormAudio will allow you to easily playback Digital Cinema Packages from your DCP server, without having to foresee separate wiring. The result will be that you do not have to wait for a movie to appear on BluRay but that you can experience the movie when released in Digital Cinema and be the first to watch it in the privacy of your own home.

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Digital Output

When additional external audio processing is required, it is preferable to interface the ISP and the external audio device in the Digital domain, to maintain signal integrity. It is a common standard in the industry to carry Digital Audio over long distances via the AES/EBU. The ISP offers optionally up to 32 channels of audio output over 4x RJ45 connectors carrying AES/EBU formatted signals.
Digital Audio signals can be transferred straight to your speakers thanks to the StormAudio Digital Output Connectivity feature, without the need to convert the digital signal to analog first.

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