3D Audio


Audio format offering a natural and realistic immersive 3D sound experience, thanks to a technology based on uncompressed audio quality as well as a total compatibility with existing norms and formats.



Audio format, based on the concept of audio objects independently placed in three-dimensional space, offering a 3D sound that enhances the way you experience entertainment at home.



Audio format that makes sound move around you like it would in real life, creating a multi-dimensional audio experience - without requiring any specific speakers or custom configurations.


Exclusive Storm features

StormOptimizer cropped - 244 

StormOptimizer room calibration tools are integrated into the full range of StormAudio's processors and receiver. These set of tools are tailored to optimize the speakers' overall audio performance, and remove sound colorations introduced by the room.



SpherAudio Headphones is a binaural headphone technology for residential applications, capable to deliver virtualized immersive 3D sound on any pair of headphones.


StormRemote cropped 244

Our processors and receiver include remote control and monitoring. StormRemote was specifically designed for system integrators, in order to provide them with the necessary tools to remotely access and monitor the customer's configuration.


More technologies

Dual Theater - 244*25 

The dual-theater feature consists of a 16-channel balanced output module. This allows for a second home cinema room to be wired and configured individually. Playback in each theater is possible, automatically leading the correct assigned audio configuration. 


Remote Control - 244*25 

Remote controlling the StormAudio processors and receiver could not be any easier with multiple user control applications at your disposal. The processors and receiver have been specifically designed to control it in the most convenient way.


Digital Connectivity - 244*25 

The Digital Input Connectivity feature will allow you to easily playback Digital Cinema Packages from your DCP server, whilst the Digital Output Connectivity feature allows you to transfer digital output channels without having to convert the signal to analog first.